Abu Dhabi Police tell people to stop ‘mobbing’ car accident victims

Abu Dhabi Police tell people to stop ‘mobbing’ car accident victims

Dubai Police Issues Warning About E-Scooter Misuse Following 5 Fatalities and 29 Injuries in 8 Months

Abu Dhabi Police have given a warning that crowding around accident sites in the UAE is illegal and dangerous.

Such behaviour disturbs the work of ambulances, rescue vehicles, traffic patrols and civil defence in reaching the injured and saving lives, authorities said.

Motorists and pedestrians who slow down or stop at a crash site in a bid to get a closer look at what is happening also increase the risk of more accidents occurring.

In July 2018, nine people who gathered around an accident site in Al Ain received minor injuries after a speeding car crashed into them.

Police said a car was involved in a traffic accident on the Al Ain-Dubai road and had stopped on the side.

People who gather at accident sites, or randomly park their cars on the road and obstruct traffic, can be fined up to Dh1,000.

Police also reminded people that it is illegal to film accident victims and crash scenes.

According to the Ministry of Interior, filming road accidents and posting images and clips on social media is punishable with a Dh150,000 fine.