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Dubai Bags Nine Spots In Guinness World Book Of Records

Dubai Bags Nine Spots In Guinness World Book Of Records

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It’s no secret that Dubai has a lot of World Records to its credit. From the world’s tallest building to the world’s largest shopping mall, it’s no surprise that the city will soon be able to break new ground. As the new Guinness World Records book is released, there are a number of new UAE records that will be featured. Only five percent of all the entries made it into the book’s pages. This is a huge achievement for the country’s record breakers.

The book states that Dubai is the home of the longest live-stream video in the world. It was done through the work of Hassan Suleiman, an Arab influencer. For 12 days, he lived in a glass box.

The Red Crescent of the UAE donated the world’s largest amount of money to a patient for medical treatment. Another humanitarian achievement was the creation of awareness ribbons by the Emirates Oncology Society, which was made in just an hour. These three achievements will be included in the GWR2023 book, which will feature pre-existing records.

The Dubai Water and Electricity Authority has been named as the world’s first 3D-printer lab. In the Middle East, Aqua Park by Aqua Fun is regarded as the biggest inflatable park.

The Guinness World Records 2023 book is out now, with 1.8 million copies distributed worldwide – enough to cover 18 football pitches or 11 Trafalgar Squares.