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Dubai Billionaire Abu Sabah: The Man Whose Passion for VIP Number Plates Outshines His Luxury Cars

Dubai Billionaire Abu Sabah: The Man Whose Passion for VIP Number Plates Outshines His Luxury Cars

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Meet Abu Sabah, the Dubai billionaire whose love for opulent number plates surpasses the value of his luxurious car collection. Renowned for his unwavering dedication to the extraordinary, Abu Sabah, also known as Balvinder Singh Sahni, is the chairman of RSG Group. His extravagant collection of VIP number plates from Dubai and Abu Dhabi has captivated the media’s attention. In 2016, he made headlines by acquiring the ‘5’ number plate for an astounding Dh33 million.

Abu Sabah’s passion for exclusive number plates is no secret. In an interview at his lavish majlis on Palm Jumeirah, adorned with gold-plated interiors, he disclosed that the combined worth of his VIP number plates far exceeds the value of his Rolls-Royces and other high-end vehicles.

“I possess numerous VIP car number plates, some of the most expensive being ‘Dubai 5’ and ‘Abu Dhabi 5.’ The total value of my number plates exceeds Dh100 million, surpassing the worth of my car collection. I can’t even count the exact number of cars I own, thanks to God’s blessings and my mother’s prayers,” Abu Sabah shared with Khaleej Times.

Among his collection, ‘Dubai 5’ holds a special place in his heart, often adorning his vehicle as he cruises around the city.

But why invest millions in VIP plates? Abu Sabah’s unique perspective and independent spirit set him apart. When he first arrived in Dubai, he observed the prevalence of Rolls-Royce cars, leading him to seek a distinctive path. He explained, “I had several Rolls-Royce cars, but I realized that every house had one. If I had two, someone else had three. The story of numbers began in 2006 when I tried to enter an ultra-luxury hotel, and they wouldn’t let me in without a reservation or a 2-digit number plate. So, I bought three number plates for Dh2.8 million each at an auction.”

Abu Sabah’s affinity for numbers doesn’t stop at his vehicles; he considers the number 9 and the color blue to be symbols of good fortune. “I mostly sign with a blue pen; there’s no black pen in my office,” he added.

Before his move to Dubai, Abu Sabah resided in Kuwait, where he made headlines by acquiring the country’s most expensive mobile number for Dh600,000. His close connections with Kuwait’s royal family further solidified his reputation.

Despite the hard decision to leave Kuwait and start afresh in Dubai, Abu Sabah remains passionate about his work. His day begins at 6 am with a morning walk, followed by visits to various project sites and meetings at government offices. His interactions with business partners often extend late into the night, emphasizing his unyielding commitment to his work.

Abu Sabah is known for his discretion regarding political matters, preferring to engage in conversations that kindle his passions. He has built a reputation for unwavering consistency, wisely conserving his energy for positive and stimulating pursuits rather than dissipating it on uninteresting or negative matters.

For Abu Sabah, there’s only one true passion: “It is making money.”