Dubai is the most decadent place on Earth

Dubai is the most decadent place on Earth

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“I think this will be my fourth trip to Dubai,” says Eddie Griffin, as we sit down for a Zoom across the continents.

Best known for playing the titular Eddie Sherman in US sitcom Malcolm & Eddie, the comedian is no stranger to TV and movie roles, but gets his real kicks from live stand-up.

Fitting then, that he’s back in the UAE to close off the 2021 edition of Dubai Comedy Festival, with a gig at Dubai Opera on Saturday May 20.

We caught up with him for a quickfire quizzing on the man behind the outrageous quips.

Here’s the segment we’re (just about) able to publish.

For the full, unfiltered Eddie Griffin experience, get your tickets at the link below.

What is it you like about Dubai?

It is the most decadent place on Earth. It has the tallest building. It takes an hour to get on the elevator from the bottom until the top. And then the view.

Is there a difference between gigging in America and Dubai?

No. People are people. That’s what I noticed. Dubai, London, Germany. People are just people.

You’ve been involved in TV and film. Do you prefer this or getting up in front of a live audience and telling jokes?

The live audience is where is at. Those are my words. When I’m acting I’m saying someone else’s words. The live aspect is the most dangerous art form on earth because a comedian can live and die by their next word. It ain’t like a singer. Singer has a bad night singing they can say ‘give it to the drummer now’, ‘let me get a guitar solo’, ‘saxophone take over’. You tell a bad joke. Ain’t nobody you can turn around [to and say] ‘somebody tell a joke please’. You’re on your own.

What was the first joke you told on stage?

It was about a friend of mine named Mike Roberts who set his own house on fire and burned up half the family. Yeah, it was very dark.

Ultimate back stage snack?

I don’t know. A salad. I don’t really eat before the show.

Walk up the Burj Khalifa or base jump from the top?

I’m base jumping. Yeah man. C’mon I ain’t taking all those stairs. I will leap with a parachute.

If you had a super power from one day, what would it be?

Super power for one day?

Man, I have to take flight.

Which famous person do you get mistaken for most often?


What was the last thing you Googled?

The price of Ethereum.

What did wish you learnt at school that you didn’t?

How to manage money. They don’t teach the life lessons. They teach you the garbage you’ll never need in life.

What’s your favourite song?

Today is Redemption sung by Bob Marley.

Biggest fear?

I’m fearless so I can’t answer that one.

What is your favourite word?

Mother [******]. will have to suffice. Because mother [*****] can be a noun, adjective, pronoun… Like, look at that mother [*****]. Well ain’t that a mother [*****].  Mother [*****].

If you were going to be a champion in an Olympic sport what would it be?


What’s the last gift you bought?

A Cadillac Escalade for my wife.

If you weren’t a comedian what would you be?

If  I weren’t a comedian? I’d probably be dead.

…Not a teacher?

I mean I teach while I’m doing my stand-up so I’d still be a funny mother [******] as a teacher, yes. So yeah, I’d probably teach.
Eddie Griffin performs the final night of Dubai Comedy Festival. Tickets from Dhs200. Sat May 22, doors open 8.30pm. Dubai Opera