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Dubai opens long Covid clinics for patients with lingering symptoms

Dubai opens long Covid clinics for patients with lingering symptoms

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Two clinics in Dubai have been specially equipped for Covid-19 patients who have lingering symptoms after recovering from the virus.

Drop-in services will be held at Al Barsha Health Centre on Tuesdays and Nad Al Hammar Health Centre on Thursdays.

The service is for people who contracted Covid-19 and, despite later testing negative for the virus, are still suffering from related symptoms four to 14 weeks later. Pregnant women and children under 6 are not able to attend.

“Post-Covid-19 clinics help support patients who experience lingering symptoms weeks or months after being cleared of the illness,” said Dr Hanan Al Hammadi, from Dubai Health Authority, which runs the two clinics.

“The aim is to conduct a thorough investigation, get all the necessary tests done and refer patients to specialists in cases where they need particular medical intervention in specific areas, such as pulmonology, cardiology, mental health or neurology.”

The clinic will offer assessments with a medical specialist, diagnostic tests and treatments addressing the patient’s symptoms.

“The aim is to diagnose medical issues that need intervention and help the patient move towards a path of recovery and wellbeing,” Dr Al Hammadi said.