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Dubai Police Issues Warning About E-Scooter Misuse Following 5 Fatalities and 29 Injuries in 8 Months

Dubai Police Issues Warning About E-Scooter Misuse Following 5 Fatalities and 29 Injuries in 8 Months

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Dubai, UAE – The Dubai Police have sounded an alarm regarding the improper use of e-scooters on the city’s roads, leading to a concerning toll of 5 fatalities, 29 injuries, and more than 10,000 violations within the past eight months.

In a recent public announcement, the authorities firmly cautioned against reckless bicycle and e-scooter riding that jeopardizes the safety of the riders and the general public. Those captured on camera engaging in these hazardous activities will be subjected to a fine of AED300.

Major General Saif Muhair Al Mazroui, the Director of the General Department of Traffic, emphasized the Dubai Police’s unwavering commitment to enhancing traffic awareness and education for all road users with the aim of reducing traffic accidents and human casualties. Al Mazroui underscored the critical importance of adhering to safety measures for bicycle and e-scooter riders.

He outlined these measures as encompassing strict adherence to traffic regulations, staying on designated paths, avoiding roads with speeds exceeding 60km/h, wearing helmets and reflective jackets, obeying traffic signals and other road signs, and ensuring that the vehicles are equipped with bright white and reflective front lights, as well as bright red and reflective rear lights. Functional brakes are imperative for safety as well.

Al Mazroui further highlighted the right of all road users, including drivers, passengers, and pedestrians, to safely utilize the city’s road network. Dubai Police’s unwavering commitment to enforcing compliance with traffic regulations seeks to enhance road safety across the emirate.

Al Mazroui made it clear that Dubai Police continues to actively carry out road safety operations, primarily focused on reducing traffic law violations and apprehending reckless drivers. Their concerted efforts aim to create a safer environment for all residents and visitors on Dubai’s roads.