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Dubai Welcomes the World’s Largest Beauty Products Fair Highlighting Advanced Health Initiatives

Dubai Welcomes the World’s Largest Beauty Products Fair Highlighting Advanced Health Initiatives

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From October 30 to November 1, 2023, the Dubai World Trade Centre is playing host to Beautyworld Middle East, the globe’s premier international exhibition exclusively dedicated to beauty and personal care products.

Participation of the Dubai Municipality in the Beautyworld Middle East exhibition 2023 is a testament to their commitment to showcasing a comprehensive service ecosystem. The Municipality aims to bolster health and safety, ensure strict compliance with approved product specifications, and remain at the forefront of current trends and sustainable practices.

This event underscores Dubai Municipality’s dedication to promoting adherence to health and safety standards for consumer products, including personal care items and fragrances. They leverage technology and innovation to protect consumer rights and enhance their overall experiences.

Dubai Municipality’s involvement in Beautyworld Middle East highlights the paramount importance of international health and safety standards in the beauty and personal care sector. It also showcases their endeavors to establish a sustainable health and safety ecosystem, along with proactive protection measures to enhance the quality of life for Dubai’s residents.

Moreover, the Municipality emphasizes its flagship services in the realm of health and safety and their role in ensuring that products traded within the emirate meet safety and compliance standards.

In addition to these efforts, Dubai Municipality aims to spotlight Montaji, a digital platform tailored to Dubai’s digital landscape. This application boasts over 400,000 registered products and allows community members to verify product safety through accessible open databases using the Dubai Municipality smart app.

Notably, from the beginning of the year to the present day, Dubai Municipality has conducted over 7,000 inspection visits to beauty facilities to ensure health and safety requirements. These inspections encompass a range of critical aspects, including adherence to good health practices, cleanliness, and sterilization of tools, consumer product safety, and the provision of occupational health cards for service providers.

Furthermore, these inspections encompass the quality of indoor air and water systems, verification of employee training certificates for service provision, and the use of products requiring qualified technical personnel to serve community members and ensure their satisfaction.