Emirati youth leader strives to bolster UAE-Israel ties

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Till date, Hamoodah, a graduate in mechanical and aerospace engineering from the United Arab Emirates University, has led many initiatives to encourage youngsters to join hands in nation building.

“From 2014 up to 2016, I was part of the UAE youth empowerment strategy. I was the leader of the project called: National Youth Council. I was very busy then. So, we would be working on the weekends with the ministry.”

While at the university till 2017, he initiated a marketing programme to promote the university in the region.

“I started a discount card programme. It was one of the biggest programmes at the university. I was marketing the university in the region by making collaborations with companies and establishing new cooperation with other universities. The university actually liked the programme so much that they gave me a job there. So, while I was studying engineering, I was also working for the university.”

The highlight of his university days was winning the Khalifa Award for Education for his innovative project.



“The project was based on utilising nano lasers to create artificial hearts. Basically it creates micro channels in the artificial hearts. This is related to bio-engineering. The actual project would have cost Dh700,000 but we did it at just Dh17,000. It was innovative.”

Hamoodah headed the university’s mechanical association and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), and also created an innovation club.

“I believe that the greatest person is the one who spreads greatness around. If you want to be a great person and achieve something, you have to spread greatness among your team. It should always be about ‘we’ and not ‘I’.”

With his work experience, Hamoodah was appointed as the head of sales and marketing at UAE Events.

However, following the Abraham Accords, Hamoodah has shifted his focus on promoting Israel-UAE relations and wishes to represent the country as a diplomat.

“I am a consultant for the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding the UAE’s affairs. This happened after the Abraham Accords. I have travelled to Israel. I have moved from engineering to international relations. In the future, I see myself more into public relations and diplomacy. Hopefully, I will be an ambassador one day,” Hamoodah added.