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Eswatini Keen To Boost Investment Relations With UAE

Eswatini Keen To Boost Investment Relations With UAE

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The King of Eswatini, who used to be known as Swaziland, expressed his country’s desire to strengthen its ties with the UAE. He noted that the two nations should develop their economic cooperation and enhance their coordination.

King Mswati III stated that his country is looking to attract investments from the UAE. He noted that it is a key market for UAE companies looking to expand their operations in Africa.

He noted that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is eager to strengthen its economic and trade relations with the UAE. The participation of Eswatini in Expo 2020 Dubai was a great opportunity for the country to promote its various investment opportunities.

According to King Mswati, the signing of an MOU with EMI Gate Holding, a subsidiary of the UAE, aims to promote trade and investment opportunities in Eswatini. He noted that other agreements with other companies from the Gulf Cooperation Council and the UAE are also expected to be signed soon.

He stated that Eswatini is open to the possibility of attracting investments from the UAE. The country’s skilled labor force and advanced infrastructure are also expected to contribute to the development of the partnership.

Eswatini has a variety of vital and diverse sectors, King Mswati III stated. The country also has a vibrant infrastructure and a highly-productive labor force.

The Kingdom of Eswatini is an African nation bordered by South Africa to the west, Mozambique to the east, and Zambia to the north. It has a total area of 17,363 kilometers.