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Exploring the 2023 Women’s World Amateur Team Championship in Abu Dhabi

Exploring the 2023 Women’s World Amateur Team Championship in Abu Dhabi

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The 30th edition of the Women’s World Amateur Team Championship is upon us, and it promises to be a historic event. Originally slated for Dubai, the tournament will now grace the vibrant city of Abu Dhabi, specifically at the National Course of the Abu Dhabi Golf Club, courtesy of the Emirates Golf Federation.

In a recent adjustment to the schedule, the order of play for the men’s and women’s championships has been switched to avoid date conflicts with other prestigious tournaments. This means that the men had their showdown last week, and now it’s the women’s turn to close out this week’s festivities.

This edition of the championship marks a significant milestone as it’s the first time the event has been hosted in the Middle East. Furthermore, the organizers have streamlined the event, opting for a single golf course and 36 teams to reduce the overall cost and complexity of hosting the championship, a decision ratified during the IGF’s biennial meeting in 2018.

Here’s your guide to the 2023 Women’s World Amateur Team Championship:

Tournament Format:
Each participating team comprises two or three players, who will engage in four days of intense 18-hole stroke play. The team score for each round is calculated based on the total of the two lowest scores from each team. The cumulative score after four days, totaling 72 holes, determines the team’s standing in the championship.

Rewards and Recognition:
The victorious women’s team will earn the coveted Espirito Santo Trophy, which they will hold for the ensuing two years. Individual members of the winning team will receive gold medals, while those from the second and third-place teams will be honored with silver and bronze medals, respectively. Additionally, the player with the lowest individual score in each championship will receive recognition during the closing ceremony, though no prize is awarded.

In summary, the 2023 Women’s World Amateur Team Championship in Abu Dhabi is set to be a memorable event, with a change of location, a streamlined format, and the opportunity for talented female golfers to compete on a global stage and bring honor to their respective countries.