Magnificent Women’s Series – Thembi Shilenge

Magnificent Women’s Series – Thembi Shilenge

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In the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, few names stand out as prominently as Thembi Shilenge. This dynamic entrepreneur and network marketing professional have earned the title of the “Crypto Queen of Africa” through her visionary leadership and commitment to educating and empowering African youth. As the founder of CryptoDimensions, a thriving cryptocurrency and blockchain company, Shilenge has dedicated her time to fostering a new generation of digital pioneers, while also driving economic growth and financial inclusion across the continent.

Thembi Shilenge’s journey began with an unwavering passion for education and empowerment. Recognizing the immense potential of cryptocurrency and blockchain, she set out to educate and equip African youth with the necessary knowledge and skills to embrace these emerging technologies. Shilenge firmly believes that access to education and exposure to new opportunities are vital catalysts for personal growth and socio-economic development.

With her extensive knowledge and expertise in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space, Shilenge has traveled extensively throughout Africa, conducting workshops, seminars, and training programs aimed at educating and inspiring the youth. Through these initiatives, she imparts valuable insights into the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and network marketing. By breaking down complex concepts into digestible pieces, she ensures that even those with limited technical backgrounds can comprehend and engage with these transformative technologies.

Shilenge’s focus on education extends beyond theoretical knowledge. She actively encourages young individuals to participate in hands-on experiences, providing them with practical tools and guidance to navigate the cryptocurrency landscape. By organizing hackathons, coding boot camps, and entrepreneurship competitions, she cultivates a spirit of innovation and empowers African youth to become creators rather than mere consumers of technology.

As the founder of CryptoDimensions, Shilenge’s vision goes beyond education alone. Her company is at the forefront of blockchain solutions and cryptocurrency development, seeking to leverage these technologies to address long-standing challenges across various sectors. By implementing innovative projects in finance, supply chain, healthcare, and governance, CryptoDimensions aims to stimulate economic growth, increase transparency, and foster financial inclusion across Africa.

Shilenge’s emphasis on network marketing further amplifies her impact. By encouraging individuals to become ambassadors for the cryptocurrency revolution, she not only spreads awareness but also creates economic opportunities for countless people. Through the power of network marketing, Shilenge enables individuals to build their businesses, earn passive income, and become financially independent.

Thembi Shilenge’s success as the Crypto Queen of Africa is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering dedication. Her ability to identify emerging trends and capitalize on opportunities has propelled her to the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution. However, it is her genuine desire to uplift others that truly sets her apart.

We sat down with the established businesswoman to find out more about her journey:

  • What was that defining moment in your journey that got you from where you were to where you currently are?

The day I was introduced to network marketing by a former colleague of mine which painted my way to discovering the world of cryptocurrency.

  • What does being an entrepreneur mean to you?

Freedom , peace and time. Building a successful business takes a lot of sacrifice and sweat , but once it’s up and running successfully , you find peace , freedom and time to yourself and family.

  • Why is now the best time for entrepreneurs is to start or build a company?

Because the world is advancing at a very fast pace and catching on with corporate advancements globally will become more difficult with time , so If you start now and grow with the technology you stand a great chance of great success.

  • What are some of your business breakthrough techniques ?

Take a hunch , I invest in ideas I believe while learning about them. Most people want to learn and research first before they invest which can be a disadvantage because once you begin to invest the opportunity might be slimmer .

  • What do you believe your mission and purpose is in life?

My mission is change the idea that people need to type a CV in order to be successful , job hunting should be the last option to make a living , starting a business is far more better.

  • How do you believe your mission and purpose can impact the world?

Because I have applied the concept with my mentees and I am witnessing great success through it , it’s very much evident .

  • What advice would you give entrepreneurs who are starting of today?

Believe in your ideas when no one else does because its special ideas that make great success , just start.

  • One phrase that best describes you?

Success loves speed