Mover And Shaker Series: Arash Rezaei

Mover And Shaker Series: Arash Rezaei

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Who is Arash Rezaei?

Arash Rezaei is a young entrepreneur who is driven by a vision to help others to succeed and write their own epic success stories.

Someone whose business aims to help others to succeed. Young, startups businesses look for funds and the right partners to help them flourish, grow and succeed.

Assisting and helping to establish that link between startups businesses among themselves and with those who can help them build their businesses legacy has become his passion.

What’s your plans for 2022?

StartX | The Success Ecosystem.

An easy to use digital platform that is a world first in many ways with features such as business and legal services by advisors, loyalty options for aspiring entrepreneurs with fresh ideas, growing business owners or businesses in need of a restructure.

Featuring an investment marketplace to load your ideas to attract investors with the assistance of our advisors to make it ”Finance Ready” to startups, scale an existing business or to facilitate a business exit.

Investment opportunities lined up perfectly with our existing investors or through one of our global partners, blended investment deals or equity swaps to get you partnered for success.

Boasting a business networking channel where you can mastermind your ideas with others, comment or message other users on a secure confidential platform.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Still behind a laptop trying to connect all of the dots for entrepreneurs, advisors and investors to succeed by having the right partners by their side.

Only the background behind my laptop of the new countries we grow into will change lol.

The formula to success:

Limitations = Solution-Based Actions2

As from my autobiography “Be Epic”.

Describe a normal day for you in Dubai?

– Wake up by 7:00.
– Exercise, Yoga has helped me a lot in balancing my mental and physical health.
– Healthy fuelling breakfast, that tastes good!

You are supposed to enjoy life, not eat disgusting things because they sound healthy.

– Go over all of the operations of my businesses lining up a list of what I need to get done.
(Remember the trick is to not get stuck on making the list, you’re just making a list of what to get done).

– Read up on global affairs:


– Get on the made “To Do List” giving it 200%, we live in a world where 100% is not good enough to evolve humanity.

Legacy is everything.

– Once done, no matter how long it takes, some days I’m done by one in the afternoon, other days one in the following morning.

I like to go for a walk, where I think of how to better the systems to be more efficient.

– Eat and drink healthy meals as Food is life lol.

– Network with some people, at least one person a day I talk to about work synergies as your “network is your net worth”.

And if a synergy doesn’t come out of it, you get new perspectives on things which will help you make better decisions in life.

Data driven decision making will save you a lot of heartache.

– Get a solid 8 hours sleep, I cannot stress how important rest is for your mind and body to perform immaculately.

Favourite UAE restaurant?

Close call between Le Petit Maison & Zuma.

Favourite UAE celebrity?

Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

A visionary, executor and leader like no other.

Favourite quote that you live by?

“Integrity Always”.