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Revolutionizing Urban Living: Expo City Dubai’s Eco-Luxury Vision

Revolutionizing Urban Living: Expo City Dubai’s Eco-Luxury Vision

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The dream of opulent and sustainable urban living is now a reality in Dubai. Expo City Dubai, known for hosting the world for six months, is now offering you the opportunity to call it home.

Nestle in the Heart of the New Dubai

In March 2023, Expo City Dubai, the same expert team and master developers behind the successful Expo 2020 Dubai, unveiled the initial phase of their groundbreaking residential projects: Expo Valley and Expo Central. These projects have been meticulously designed to accommodate diverse lifestyles and requirements, prioritizing sustainability with eco-friendly residences and surroundings that enhance residents’ well-being.

Convenience at Your Doorstep

Expo Valley is situated adjacent to the main World Expo site, featuring smart and sustainable villas and townhouses nestled within a picturesque landscape overlooking a nature reserve, wadi, and lake. Car-free lanes and dedicated paths for bicycles and e-scooters encourage residents to relish a safe environment with high air quality. Furthermore, jogging tracks, gyms, pools, and hiking trails offer top-tier sports facilities. A “green link” corridor caters to pedestrians, cyclists, and autonomous vehicles, granting easy access to all of Expo City Dubai’s attractions.

Expo Central, strategically located at the heart of the World Expo site, is ideally positioned to take advantage of the legacy city’s exceptional amenities. The area boasts a mix of restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and retail outlets lining bustling boulevards. Expo City’s world-class educational and cultural attractions are just a short walk away, and a continuous stream of entertainment and events, from major concerts and conferences to community activities, ensures residents are inspired and captivated.

Reside in a Well-Being-Centric Community

Expo City Dubai is an integral component of the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan, meticulously designed to preserve and enhance the well-being of its inhabitants, visitors, and the environment. By redefining urban living with innovative, eco-friendly designs, it has become the first community in the region to be registered under the WELL Community Standard pilot, a framework that certifies and creates spaces promoting health and well-being.

The provision of offices and co-working spaces eliminates the need for car commuting, while 45,000 square meters of parks, play areas, and green spaces, coupled with easy access to sports and recreational facilities, offer residents unparalleled opportunities for well-being. A wide array of city-wide mobility options, including bicycles, buggies, and scooters, makes eco-friendly transportation effortless and accessible.

Sustainability is interwoven into every facet of the design, from the grandest to the smallest. All buildings adhere to globally recognized standards, such as LEED, a mark of excellence in highly efficient and cost-saving sustainable architecture. The city embraces the use of local flora and fauna for landscaping while eschewing the use of herbicides and pesticides. Innovative sustainable technologies are rigorously tested, with the inclusion of features like solar trees and water trees.

Seamless Connectivity Across Dubai and Beyond

Expo Valley and Expo Central are strategically positioned between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with easy access to a network of highways linking the UAE. They are in close proximity to four international airports and Jebel Ali Port, the region’s busiest port. A dedicated metro station ensures easy and affordable travel across Dubai, while a comprehensive 5G network fosters a hyperconnected community.

The first phase of Expo Valley consists of 165 units, including five-bedroom independent villas, four- and five-bedroom duets (semi-detached villas), and three- and four-bedroom townhouses, with prices starting at AED 3.4 million (USD 930,000).

Mangrove Residences marks the inaugural apartment cluster within Expo Central, offering 450 luxury and premium residences priced from AED 1.2 million (USD 330,000). This collection includes one- to three-bedroom apartments, four-bedroom loft apartments, and three-bedroom townhouses, all providing smart, tech-enabled living environments and access to podium gardens and sky terraces. The development’s three towers overlook Al Wasl Plaza and Jubilee Park and are within a five-minute walk from the city’s facilities and attractions.