Sharjah Ruler briefed on treasure trove found by archaeologists

Sharjah Ruler briefed on treasure trove found by archaeologists

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Sharjah’s Ruler has been briefed on the latest archaeological discoveries found by historians working in the central region of the emirate.

Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi was shown a Roman key and 32 swords dating to the third or second century BC, which were found in .

Archaeologists at Sharjah Archaeology Authority also showed Sheikh Dr Sultan a white glazed-pottery jar with some green spots. It contained Abbasid dirhams dating back to the 10th century AD.

The  was unearthed in February, and was described as hugely significant.

The coins came from a large geographical area, encompassing Africa in the west, and the Transoxiana region in the east, and from several eras, including the Caliph Abu Ja’far Al Mansur, Muhammad Al Mahdi, Harun Al Rashid, Muhammad Al Amin and Abdullah Al Ma’mun.

There was also a penny from the era of Caliph Al Mahdi.

Dr Sabah Aboud Jasim, SAA’s director-general, said the discovery showed evidence of the early Abbasid presence in the region.

Excavations in Mleiha have also uncovered 32 iron swords of various shapes dating back to the third and second century BC, and an iron key dating back to the Roman period. This is considered one of the most important artefacts discovered by the Authority.

 opened for visitors in 2016 and charts the region’s history back to the Stone Age. The Mleiha area is of huge archaeological importance and was a centre of trade and commerce on the Arabian Peninsula.