Singapore to open ‘vaccinated travel lanes’ to UAE, Saudi Arabia and more

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The VTL allows quarantine-free travel to the republic

By Heather CichowskiNovember 16, 2021
Want to travel to Singapore as part of your winter getaway? The Republic of Singapore is launching a vaccinated travel lane so holidaymakers who are fully vaccinated will not have to quarantine.

Singapore’s Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTLs) will launch on November 29 for Finland, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sweden, with Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) applications opening on November 22.

Shortly after, the republic will launch the Vaccinated Travel Lanes for the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia from December 6, with VTP applications opening from November 29.

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To be eligible for the Vaccinated Travel Lanes, travellers must meet five key criteria, including being fully vaccinated with WHO EUL vaccines at least two weeks prior to travelling to the Republic of Singapore, and they must obtain vaccination certificates in approved formats, including digitally through the Alhosn app in the UAE. Full details can be found on Singapore’s Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) SafeTravel website.

People who meet the requirements must submit an application for the Vaccinated Travel Pass (VTP) seven to 60 days before the intended date of entry into Singapore. The VTP is valid for six calendar days from the traveller’s chosen date of entry.

Those entering Singapore must also fulfil basic criteria related to the VTL to enjoy quarantine-free travel, otherwise, they could be turned away by the airline(s) or immigration, or be subject to quarantine.

Travellers not eligible for the Vaccinated Travel Lanes can look into Safe Travel Lanes.

Abu Dhabi recently updated its green list for travellers coming to the capital who do not need to quarantine if they have been fully vaccinated by COVID-19 jabs approved in the United Arab Emirates. As of the November 7 update, there are 95 countries on the list.

The latest additions to Abu Dhabi’s green list include Algeria, Laos, Latvia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Uruguay. Singapore was already on Abu Dhabi’s green list.