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South African Celebrity Dentist Plans To Take Over The World

South African Celebrity Dentist Plans To Take Over The World

Happy New Year In Dubai

South Africa’s Faheema Ismail also known as the “dentist for the stars” plans on expanding her business globally starting with the UAE. The established and very popular dentist will be expanding into the UAE in the near future. “I have many celebrities from the Middle East contacting me, they want me to open a practice in the UAE.”

Ismail is an award winning dentist in South Africa, she will be accepting yet another award on the 20th of August this year as she has been announced as a recipient for the Women of Wonder Awards 2022 for the work that she does in the women empowerment and upliftment space.

As much as Ismail is loved by her audience and celebrities in South Africa, she is admired for her work with women and kids. She spends her free time visiting schools through her oral empowerment campaign where she educates and empowers the youth on oral health education.

“I love Africa and our people, I love the youth and I want the best for our people. I enjoy what I do, I am great at what I do but what brings me ultimate joy is seeing the happiness in the faces of our young people when I positively impact their lives through empowering them.”

Ismail grew her social following after a number of impressive smile makeovers went viral on social media. “If you can change someone’s smile you can change their confidence and when someone is more confident they can achieve anything in this world.”

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