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South African Nail Queen Mel Viljoen To Release Self Development Book To Assist The Youth

South African Nail Queen Mel Viljoen To Release Self Development Book To Assist The Youth

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Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa CEO and motivational speaker Mel Viljoen will be launching her first book titled “Become An Overnight Success” in the second quarter of 2022. The book plans to build the mindset of tomorrows winners, today.

“Africa has incredible youth, they are smart and innovative but a lot of them struggle with the most fundamental aspect of growing a business or even themselves and that is having a winning mindset.” Says Mel

The book is all about developing the mindset so that the readers of the book can become the best versions of themselves.

“Mindset mastery is for the ambitious and the determined.” Says Viljoen

The book is for anyone but is more focused on young people especially females. “I want to develop the next army of superwomen, I want to develop queens and young people that will not only dominate in their respective industries but also change the world. This book will open up their minds to a new mindset, one that will consistently improve them and make them the best that they can be.”

This book is tipped to be the self-development book of the year in South Africa with pre orders for the book already at an all-time high in the UAE and in the United States.

Some of the chapters in the book include networking, self-branding, getting the right mentors, understanding gratitude, dressing well, visualization and so much more.

“I am really passionate about educating our people on making small improvements every day and I know this book will take the reader on a journey to level up almost every single day.” Says Mel

Mel plans on donating a number of books to her academy in Pretoria where she empowers thousands of women.

The book will be available in all major book stores in South Africa, the Middle East and in the US.