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South African Police Service Officers Heading To Dubai For SWAT Team Challenge

South African Police Service Officers Heading To Dubai For SWAT Team Challenge

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The event will be held in Dubai from March 13 to 17.

“We wish the team all the best. We are confident that the team is well prepared to take on the challenges presented at the UAE SWAT Challenge. The members have put in the hard work and long hours in preparation for this competition,” said Sitole.

“With their expertise, we are confident that the team will give their best, but most importantly benchmark from other countries with a view to bringing ideas back home to share with other members in the specialised units.”

The Special Task Force is a highly specialised unit in the South African Police Service whose members are responsible for only responding to high-risk incidents, which include hostage-taking cases, search and rescue missions, as well as providing specialised operational support to other units within the SAPS.

The challenge, which is designed to create co-operation between Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams on a global level, will be held at the Dubai SWAT Training Facility.

Members of SAPS’s STF will form part of the more than 40 teams from 25 countries that will compete in five challenge categories. The competition will test each team’s tactical and weaponry ability and proficiency.

Members of the Special Task Force will depart from South African shores on Friday.

The international competition also aims to encourage benchmarking and the sharing of good practices focusing on techniques, tactical skills, mental focus and physical endurance when responding to high-risk incidents.