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South Africa’s Rayhaan Carrim Plans To Change The World – Superstar Q&A

South Africa’s Rayhaan Carrim Plans To Change The World – Superstar Q&A

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1. Who is Rayhaan Carrim?

I am a visionary, a change maker and a mover and shaker. I am an artist and a businessman but more
importantly I spend my time working on my Naat and Nasheed career.

2. What inspired you to become a Nasheed artist?

My love for praising our beloved prophet Muhammed SAW inspired me to be a Nasheed artist and to bring everyone closer
to him and his values as well to revive our youths bond with him as he is the best of creation. I believe that the youth is our future not only in Africa but around the world, the youth will have the biggest impact over the next 20-30 years. I want to inspire our youth and motivate them to move closer to everything that is good for them. I want to attract our youth towards a stronger religious influence in their lives. I believe that my voice will change the world in a positive way.

3. What has been the best experience of your journey as a Nasheed artist so far?

I have to say it’s been the messages of support especially from young kids and their parents thanking me for my work. A lot of youth ask me to mentor them not only in a business setting but also in terms of religious influence and that brings me enormous joy and gratitude.

4. What is your 5 year goal?

I would like to inspire the youth to love our prophets SAW and his companions and follow his perfect example. I would like to do a Nasheed world tour. I want to be a global brand that spends my entire life traveling around the world to inspire and motivate people to be the best versions of themselves through my content and Nasheeds.

5. You decided to shoot some of your videos in Turkey, why did you choose that location? Do you plan on shooting content in Dubai in the future?

Yes I plan to shoot videos in Dubai, I love the UAE and I can’t wait to shoot incredible content there and perform in Dubai in the near future. I chose Turkey because I love the architecture of the buildings and the balance between old and new, the content we shot in Turkey was of the highest standard, our video just recently hit 1 million views on YouTube, even the Turkish Ambassador to South Africa, H.E. Ms Aysegul Kandas, praised the content we created and called it beautiful.

6. Congratulations on passing 1 Million views on YouTube for your Safwat Al Asfiaa video, what is the ultimate goal for the Rayhaan Carrim brand?

I want positively influence the lives of millions of people around the world through my voice , my platform and my brand.

7. What advice do you have for the youth that look up to you?

Don’t leave your relationship with Allah and his beloved prophet SAW and continue praying to Allah and praising his beloved. Never give up, be consistent and persist until you succeed. Don’t let anyone take away from your belief in yourself. You don’t need validation from others as long as you believe in yourself. Don’t leave your relationship with God, praise Him and pray to Him, He will open doors for you that you didn’t even know existed.

8. Why is the UAE special to you?

The UAE is special because of its leadership and the visionaries behind what is it today. 40 years ago, the UAE was a desert, today it is the #1 visited tourist attraction in the world. It’s the safest country in the world. UAE is just beautiful.

9. Favourite UAE hotel?

Burj Al Arab

10. Favourite UAE personality?

I really like Huda and Mona Kattan , they built up a business in the UAE that is incredible and today it’s a global brand all around the world.

11. Favourite UAE restaurant?

Cipriani in DIFC and Ossiano in the Atlantis

12. What is the one quote that you live by?

The Advice of Hazrat al-Khidr (Alayhi Salaam)
Sayyiduna Imam Muhammad al-Ghazali (Radi Allahu Ta’ala Anhu) reported that Hazrat Musa (Alayhi Salaam) asked Hazrat al-Khidr (Alayhi Salaam) to advise him. He said, “Be someone who constantly smiles, and not someone who is constantly angry. Be someone who benefits others, and not someone who harms others. Refrain from argumentation. Do not walk around without purpose. Do not laugh without a reason. Do not disparage wrongdoers.”