UAE eases mask rules in some public places

UAE eases mask rules in some public places

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The UAE government has eased rules on wearing masks in some public places.

The decision will be most significant in Abu Dhabi, where previously Covid-19 regulations required people to wear a mask in almost all public places –

The Ministry of Health and Prevention has now said masks are no longer needed in the following situations:


– while exercising outside, at the beach or by the pool

– while in a car with people from the same household

– while alone in an indoor place

– while in a barber shop or salon

Social distancing of two metres remains in place, and businesses have to put up signs explaining where masks are mandatory.

Each of the emirates has separate crisis authorities, and rules have diverged in recent months. Dubai’s government on wearing masks while exercising in summer 2020.

The latest decision follows a significant fall in recent Covid-19 cases and reaching the stage where more than 80 per cent of the UAE population have had two vaccines.