Vuyo Joboda Dazzles In Dubai

Vuyo Joboda Dazzles In Dubai

Emirates Confirms That South Africans Can Finally Travel To Dubai From Saturday

The 23-year-old star adds world-class television producer and director to her impressive resume, as she jets to Dubai to film her first international TV show.

“So this most exciting thing for both myself and my brand, to have the opportunity to shoot a global project in Dubai. It’s a US-based television show that I am producing and directing, under the capacity of my company VN Streaming.

“We’ve all been working on this project for the last couple of months virtually, and now we finally get to meet and bring the vision to life.

“This is a very exciting space to witness three different worlds – South Africa, the US, and Dubai – all come together as one,” said Joboda.

The show is set to launch in a few months’ time.

“We’re shooting the pilot and, in the next month or two, we are planning to release the first season of the project in the US,” said Joboda.

This comes at the back of a very successful US tour of her latest book titled “21”.

The book was published by global publisher 13th and Joan, making Joboda the first African author to be signed to the publishing house.

“The book was recognised in Atlantic USA, as the first international project for 13th and Joan publishing – and that on its own is historical,” added Joboda.

The book officially launched in 2021, and is now available in leading books stores worldwide, like Amazon, Target, Barnes and Noble.

“I had the honour of doing a book tour in the US late last year. It was beautiful for me to see how international authors are so hungry to hear what I had to say.

“And they were so excited about my book as well, because, they said, ‘you know, this is an opportunity for us to hear another African voice. And that is something that the world was waiting to hear.’

“And, for me, this means I have a voice and a burning desire to tell stories that the world is openly receiving, and that is a very comforting feeling.

“This is not only for myself but every black girl … It means that possibilities are now limitless.

“It is also the most satisfying feeling to know that I’m breaking barriers and shaking spaces that were not initially meant for people like myself.

“It’s been a very difficult journey to be brave in spaces that you were not meant to be. I’m happy to march forward because of what it would mean for those who come after me,” said Joboda.

While in Dubai, Joboda will also be attending an International Business Retreat from Friday, March 11, till Monday, March 14.