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Emirates Offers Special Eid Al Adha Menu On Flights

Emirates Offers Special Eid Al Adha Menu On Flights


For its passengers travelling to various regions for the upcoming Eid al-Adha holidays, Emirates has introduced a special menu. The airline serves up a variety of meals to its passengers on multiple routes.

Emirates airlines is offering its customers a special treat during the upcoming holiday season, which is known as Eid al-Adha. The airline has announced that it will serve a special menu for its passengers during the four-day period starting on July 9.

It is the second-largest holiday in the world for Muslims, and it is known as Eid- al-Adha. This year, Emirates Airline has marked the occasion by unveiling a special message to its passengers. The airline noted that the message is a reflection of the company’s pride in the UAE.

The Emirates will serve a special Eid al-Adha menu on 60 of its flights. The menu includes various traditional dishes that are served to every cabin. The airline also serves the special menu on multiple other routes, such as India, Europe, and the Gulf region.

According to the airlines, its first and business class passengers will enjoy a selection of chicken biryani or lamb Gabuli for their main course, while the latter will have a choice of Aseeda Eid pudding or a classic date cake.

In addition, the airline’s A380 aircraft will be serving a selection of pastries made from local ingredients. All passengers will receive a free sweet treat upon their arrival at their destination on the first and second day of the holiday.

During the holiday season, the airlines provide their passengers with a variety of entertainment options, such as movies and television shows on ice. They also informed the passengers that the Middle East’s leading online platform, MBC, will be providing its passengers with a wide range of Arabic content through its subsidiary, Shahid. It offers over 170 channels of films and TV shows in the Arabic language.