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Magnificent Women’s Series – Ayesha Seedat

Magnificent Women’s Series – Ayesha Seedat

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1. Who is Ayesha Seedat ?

Ayesha Seedat is a mother, she is a business owner and entrepreneur. She’s passionate and promotes the support and growth of small female owned businesses. She tries to use her platform to motivate women and not be confined to the norms of what a single mother should be. She does this by creating a better lifestyle for her followers through looking, eating and feeling good and how to achieve it.

2. How does a normal day look like for Ayesha Seedat?

Definitely starts early in the morning with the boys breakfast. Then it’s at the gym and then back to the kitchen and sorting out the boys and making sure that the business is our first through new product production and constant business meetings and making sure there’s time for some TLC for me !

3. Favourite thing to do in Dubai?

FOOD! Getting to the hidden gems and feeling like a local! & bringing out the foodie in me .  I think there’s so much of culture and authenticity in local food. In January 2022, when we visited the local hidden gems! And not the insta famous restaurants- but rather the places that’s been known for years for its quality food and reasonable prices.

4. What made you start Krea ?

The need to have to pay lawyer bills after a divorce! It was a difficult situation and it’s what gave me the driving force to create my brand!

5. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

The next 5 years? I’m still worried about next week- but i growth would be the key word. I want to see success and growth in my business ventures and growth in me as a person and not being stagnant in where I am today but gotten ahead!

6. What’s next for Ayesha?

I think more awareness for the brand in different markets- we want to educate people more and make people more aware of these products and what makes us stand out!

7. Some advice to all the young people and young women who look up to you?

Always be true to yourself , don’t be forced to be confined into this box where your community and our culture expects us to be. There’s loads of days where I feel like not doing anything but I still have to get up and do it and you need to always remember to get up and do what needs to be done.

8. Favourite hotel in Dubai?

Nikki Beach Dubai

9. Favourite restaurant in Dubai? 

I am a huge fan of traditional indo / pak food and it’s usually the quieter authentic gems that are not necessarily Insta worthy that are actually my favourite’s.
A few from my last trip that I really enjoyed, Jaffer Bhai Biryani, Chicken Tikka Inn, Sindh Punjab and Chinchaaus