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South African Multi-Billion Rand Investment Company Will Be Opening Their Doors In The UAE

South African Multi-Billion Rand Investment Company Will Be Opening Their Doors In The UAE

Rising oil, faster vaccine rollout, Expo 2020 to accelerate UAE recovery in H2

Afribiz Invest is a pan-African investment company investing in the African continent’s strategic sectors, with a focus on infrastructural space.

Founded in 2005, the company has a diversified portfolio that creates an optimal balance between investment return and future growth for their stakeholders.

They are now looking at expanding their operations, seeking to accelerate growth in various international markets starting with the UAE.


“Afribiz Invest has shown considerable growth despite the world challenges and it would only make sense for us to leverage off what we already have and invest in new markets ,” said Afribiz Invest President Collen Mashawana.


The Afribiz Invest team will be in Dubai over the next few months and will also showcase at the Dubai Expo 2020 before they open their doors in Dubai in the near future.

“We love the UAE especially Dubai, which is the most populated city in the UAE. It has been attracting long term investors for a while now, the city has really become a hub for property investors.” Says Executive Director at Afribiz invest Pongo Pule

The company recently met with the UAE Ambassador to the Republic of South Africa Mr Mahash Saeed Al Hameli to support the expansion ambitions in Dubai and realise the levels of efficiency needed to prosper.

“We are extremely excited to open our doors in the UAE,  we hope to create great relationships and a lot of strategic partnerships. Expansion is key for us to achieve our long term goals and we see a lot of Barakat in the UAE.” says Board Member Zareef Minty

To find out more about the company visit: http://www.afribizinvest.com/