South Africa’s Collen Mashawana Foundation To Host 10 Year Gala Dinner

South Africa’s Collen Mashawana Foundation To Host 10 Year Gala Dinner

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South Africa’s Collen Mashawana Foundation has surely lived up to their mission of eradicating poverty through building up communities in South Africa. The foundation is seen as a beacon of light for the country over the last ten years.

The foundation focuses on a humanitarian triangle approach of reducing poverty by providing essential needs to the disadvantaged, eradicating housing issues by servicing those who have limitations and improve health within the country by ensuring safe water and sanitation. In the past two years, the Foundation has built over 260 homes and it is in their plans to continue to build more.

The foundation is extremely passionate about changing the lives of South Africans. “The foundation’s primary goal is to reach out to the most vulnerable within our communities. We have found that the lack of access to essential services is a key underlining factor for poverty. The consequence of this is a society that does not have meaningful participation in its economy and we aim to mobilize social cohesion and assist with the eradication of poverty. We strongly believe that the responsibility to build our nation is not solely on government, but if we work together we can achieve more.” Says the Chairman Collen Mashawana

To celebrate the work that they have done over the last decade, the foundation will be hosting a fundraising gala dinner on the 23rd of April 2022 in Johannesburg, South Africa. The foundation would like to celebrate the ten year milestone of giving hope and dignity to child headed families, people living with disabilities and the elderly.

“Our goal is to continue our mandate of restoring justice and dignity to the lives of the less fortunate, alleviate poverty and hunger while building sustainable communities and economically active youth.” – says Collen Mashawana

The dinner will be filled with prominent guests, activities and announcements however the foundation made it clear that there will be community builders, community leaders and beneficiaries of the foundation at the gala dinner as well. “This gala dinner will be an incredible evening of celebration. We will be celebrating the people we had the privilege to positively impact at the same time celebrating the individuals and stakeholders who made this all possible.” Says Austin Mashawana (COO)

It was announced earlier this month that the foundation will be giving away R50 000 (Dhs 12 500) to a publicly nominated community builder on the night. “We want to honor a community builder nominated by the public for their commitment and outstanding work.” Says Austin Mashawana

They will also be awarding a home to the value of R1 Million (Dhs 250 000) to the public through a SMS line giveaway.