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South Africa’s The Diary Of A Superhero Kicks Off Book Launch At Crawford International

South Africa’s The Diary Of A Superhero Kicks Off Book Launch At Crawford International

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Crawford International have shown their support of Prince Mashawana who is better known as SuperMash. The ten year old has just released his book titled “The Diary Of A Superhero” at his school where he began stage one of his three stage launch of his book. The company announced that they will make his book titled “The Diary Of A Superhero” available to students.

“The book is all about “Kidpreneurship” where it educates kids in a fun and practical way on how to start a business while still in school.  Also teaching young kids on how to do a pitch deck for investments, how to improve their marketing on social media, how to get clients and so much more.” – says SuperMash

The book outlines some fundamental tools and strategies children can use to gain some valuable experience in starting, managing and growing successful business ventures. The programme teaches kids on how to brainstorm brilliant business ideas – designing a logo, registering a company, learning how to budget and how to make a sale.

“One of my favourite chapters in the book has to be the tips on how to keep customers happy – getting that first sale will feel great, but remember you want your customers to keep on coming back,” said SuperMash.

“Entrepreneurship can change the world. I started my first business a while back and the lessons, I learnt have helped me become so much better,” he said.  Looking at the growth of social media and platforms like Tik Tok and YouTube, children as young as 5 years old are earning corporate like salaries. This book is needed for the African continent.

SuperMash kicked off his three stage launch with a huge event at his school where he did a book signing. “Stage one is to launch my book at my school which just happened recently, thank you Crawford International for supporting my dreams and believing in my vision for our youth.” Says Mashawana

SuperMash is the first black child superhero in Africa, he has over 150 000 followers on the social media platform Instagram and has done work with national and international companies like Nickelodeon, Bathu and Tedx.

The students loved their interaction with Prince, after the signing they all sat together and they read from the book before having some cake, sweets and some soda.

“It is such an honor to know Prince, we have a superstar at our school and someone I look up to already even though we are the same age, thank you SuperMash because of you I know that I can become anything I want to be. I know that I can be my own hero.” – says student

Stage two of his launch will be various book store launches all around the country while stage three of his book launch will be showcasing the book at a youth and kids seminar that he will host shortly after being in book stores.