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Top 5 Most Expensive Hotels In Dubai

Top 5 Most Expensive Hotels In Dubai

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Located in Culture Village, the luxury hotel of Palazzo Versace is reminiscent of a 16th century Italian Palace. It is a Neoclassical masterpiece with subtle traces of Arabian architecture. Offering a range of well-crafted Italian furnishings, the hotel is symbolic of the Versace lifestyle. Every furniture and fabric that the hotel features is designed and tailor-made by Versace exclusively for the Palazzo Versace Hotel in Dubai. Palazzo Versace hosts 215 hotel rooms and suites, as well as 169 residences. It also offers 8 restaurants and bars that are designed exclusively to reflect the heritage of Palazzos, a place where the internal court was the informal space to meet, dine and enjoy the weather.

Approximate cost per night: AED 77,000 (Imperial Suite)


Located on the crescent of Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis The Palm is a themed hotel based on the underwater lost city of Atlantis. It hosts a gorgeous aquarium that is home to 65,000 marine animals. Atlantis The Palm also offers two pools, a top of the line spa and nearly a mile of man-made beach.  Guests can enjoy complimented and unlimited access to the Aquaventure Waterpark, that is located alongside the hotel. Also on feature are a wide range of restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

Approximate cost per night: AED 63,000 (Royal Bridge Suite)


Repeatedly voted as the world’s most luxurious hotel (and the first to have seven stars!), Burj Al Arab is best known for offering the most exclusive services to its customers. Optional chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royces, helicopter trips from the hotel’s iconic helipad, private beach access and luxury leisure on a breathtaking terrace with pools and cabanas are some of the finest experiences that guests staying in this uber-luxurious hotel can take advantage of.  The hotel features suites that offer discreet check-ins and also come with a host of personal butlers. Located in the upscale coastal community of Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab also hosts some of the world’s best dining venues, including the highly acclaimed Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara.

Approximate cost per night: AED 40,000 (Royal two bedroom suite)


Located in Jumeirah, Four Seasons Resort is a beachside resort that has the pristine waters of the Arabian Gulf on one side and the cityscape of Dubai on the other. Guests can choose to dine while enjoying views at the open-air lounge or relax in the poolside cabanas.  Four Seasons hosts 11 restaurants, bars and nightclubs and amenities like water sports and 24-hour fully equipped fitness centre.

Approximate cost per night: AED 35,000 (Royal Suite)


One of the most iconic destinations on Palm Jumeirah, W Dubai hosts 350 guest rooms and suites that offer uninterrupted views. The highlight of this property is its 550 square metres Mega Suite that comes with a living/sitting area, dining area, dining room and living room. The suite also hosts walk-in closet. Guests are complemented with a range of amenities that include complimentary breakfast evening turndown service, touchscreen control in rooms, amongst many others.

Approximate cost per night: AED 27,000 (Mega Suite)