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Dubai Solar Project To Power 250,000 Homes

Dubai Solar Project To Power 250,000 Homes

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Dubai’s latest solar power project is set to supply 250,000 homes in the city with green energy.

The project, by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, is located on 10 square kilometers of the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. It has an accumulated capacity of 900 megawatts, the National News reported.

It is the first project in the fifth phase of the of the solar installation, featuring over 2.5 million photovoltaic cells to capture as much sunlight as possible.

The project also falls in line with the Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050.

“Once complete, this project will result in the reduction of more than 1.1 million tons of CO2 annually,” the National News reported, citing Omar Al Hassan, chief executive of Shuaa Energy 3, the firm operating the plan.

A US firm’s intelligent solar tracker solutions, known as Nextracker, is also helping to increase the project’s output.

A second project in the same phase is set to take place in December 2022 with a final phase set for the following December.