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South African Alkaline Spring Water Company Gets Global Recognition For Its Health Benefits

South African Alkaline Spring Water Company Gets Global Recognition For Its Health Benefits

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Lotus Glow Ionized Alkaline Spring Water has been on the lips of many around the world. With a massive demand for Lotus Glow Water in Canada, United Kingdom, West Africa, the United Arab Emirates and other parts of Europe, the brand has big plans to expand over the next few years. The South African alkaline water company prides itself on being one step ahead of any other water brand on the African continent for quality and purity.

Lotus Glow Water is founded by Elzette Human who started the company after her own quest to find better and healthier water due to her suffering from a stroke. Her illness was caused due to acidosis, a disease caused by inflammation and acid build-up in the body and alkaline powders could not cure or manage her condition for years.

“The process of creating Lotus Glow Water is well thought through with state-of-the-art technology, research and science to give you the best quality safe water for better health and well-being sourced from a natural spring source in Cape Town- South Africa.” Says Human

Around the world but specifically in Africa, many are still uneducated on various types and water options that are available in the market. Elzette plans to spend a large amount of time educating the consumer on the various options so people can make the best choice when it comes to the quality water that they consume.

“My company is working very hard to be part of that growth by educating as many consumers as possible – that the water you buy, and drink should have a function for your body and health. Normal bottled water, which in many cases are found through taps, have no function for the human body – causing damage to your body, due to chemicals added to the tap water purification process,” said Human.

Lotus Glow Water is seen as the front runner for high quality ionized alkaline spring water in South Africa and Africa. Away from tap water, there are many differences between bottled water, prepared water and Lotus Glow. Human warns that consumers should not be fooled by marketing tactics in the alkaline bottled water industry.

“Bottled water comes from a variety of sources, most of the time the water bought in a bottle is just municipal tap water that has been altered or filtered in some way, while prepared water is water from an “accepted” water supply, such as a municipal source, which is filtered, passed through a reverse osmosis system, and then treated with ozone. In some cases, minerals are added for taste.”

“However, with our water, Lotus Glow is sourced from the untouched springs of Mount Superior in Cape Town-South Africa, then filtered to remove unwanted impurities such as sediment, taste, odour, hardness, and bacteria to result in better quality water. The purified water is then filtered again through an electronically reduced hydrogen-rich performance ionizer. These clusters electronically charge the water for high oxygen performance, fast hydration, and electrolytes.”

“Not all bottled water is the same or good for you” says Human

The company will start mass distribution in the UAE in the near future.

For more information on distribution in the UAE or the rest of the world, follow @lotusglow.water on IG or visit https://www.lotusglow.co.za