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Vegetation Resort Set To Open In Dubai

Vegetation Resort Set To Open In Dubai

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OBMI is a Bermuda-based company that has been working in the Caribbean for over 85 years. It has developed a unique approach to addressing the region’s environmental issues.

The concept of vertical architecture is considered to be sustainable when it comes to developing areas where there is a lack of land. It can reduce the overall footprint of a building while also reducing its environmental impact. For Aera, OBMI opted for a more vertical structure that will create a private island feel in the middle of a city in Dubai.

The Aera Vertical resort was conceptualized to reimagine the concept of domestic tourism. It seamlessly integrated into the skylines of major cities such as Dubai, and it offers a unique blend of experiences that are designed to celebrate the environment and culture. According to Tareq El Zayat, OBMI’s managing director, Aera is built on seven distinct districts that are designed to provide guests with a variety of experiences that are both unique and entertaining.

The interior of the resort is composed of a transparent outer membrane that encases a tree and its vegetation-filled interior. The various walking trails will be filled with herbs and vegetables that will be used in the restaurant’s farm-to-table concepts. A sky deck will also provide a view of the city.

According to Islam El Mashtooly, the project’s senior designer, Aera will be a biophilic design that will enhance the psychological and functional benefits of the facility. It will feature a variety of activities and facilities that will allow guests and locals to immerse themselves in nature. Some of these include a walking trail that will run through the forest, a climbing wall, and various other areas that will allow guests to enjoy panoramic views.