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Dubai Airports Wins Sheikh Mohammed Award

Dubai Airports Wins Sheikh Mohammed Award

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Dubai Airports has been recognized for its efforts in developing a more sustainable aviation industry at the Global Aviation Awards.

The award was presented during an event held in Montreal, Canada, for the 41st International Civil Aviation Organization General Assembly.

Dubai Airports was recently recognized for its efforts in implementing sustainable practices in the aviation industry.

Some of the projects that Dubai International Airport (DXB) has undertaken include the replacement of its conventional light fixtures with LED lights. The airport also plans to build a 15,000-panel solar panel facility at its Terminal 2.

Representing Dubai Airports, Omar Binadai, the company’s executive vice president of technology and infrastructure, said that the organization is honored to receive this recognition. It shows that the aviation industry is committed to supporting the global effort to address climate change. He also noted that the organization is fully aligned with the UAE’s efforts to achieve sustainable development.

The Global Aviation Awards is a global recognition program that aims to honor individuals and organizations that have made a significant contribution to the success of the aviation industry.

The Global Aviation Awards are presented to recognize the achievements of various individuals and organizations in the aviation industry. This year’s event featured three categories: Best Aviation Sustainability Program, Resource Contribution, and Aircraft Cabin Noise-Research and Development.