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Wonderful Women Series Q&A: Melika Razavi

Wonderful Women Series Q&A: Melika Razavi

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Who is Melika Razavi ?

Melika Razavi, who was originally born in Iran and grew up in South Africa, she is a professional poker player.

She has won numerous women empowerment titles such as Miss Global Fitness 2016 and Miss Power Woman 2017.

She is a self made millionaire and also a World Series of Poker (WSOP) pro champion in 2020.

Her ambition and perseverance made every goal achievable against all odds.

How does a normal day look like for Melika Razavi?

I’m not a morning person, however when I start my day I look forward to see how I can be of help to others. This motivates me to look into new business ideas, practice self love and to create what l want to achieve from a place of an authentic self.  I challenge myself daily in order to create a better version of myself in every possible way.

Favourite thing to do in Dubai?

Shopping, shopping , shopping and of course I enjoy this beautiful and mesmerizing city. I love the outdoors and really enjoy sight seeing.

How did you get involved in poker?

I learned playing poker from an early age, I was fascinated by the complexity and yet seemingly simple card game. Since I like human psychology this game has always triggered my curiosity. Hence my love for this game will never end.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In my personal life, l would like to start a family. From a business perspective, l have recently started my own property development project that l would like to see successful.

Nevertheless l will be certainly be appearing in more major poker tournaments around the globe and last but not least my biggest goal is to help more people in need whereever possible.

What’s next for Melika?

Unfortunately due to new covid restrictions and the travel ban in South Africa some of my plans for poker travels has been canceled, however I am currently focusing on my property development projects.

Some advice to all the young people and young women who look up to you?

Keep believing in yourself and find the passion within you, work on it, never give up, visualise a future worth living.

Your perseverance, hard work and vision will pay off. You either live your own dreams or someone else’s, chose your own and make it a reality.

Favourite hotel in Dubai?

Burj Al Arab

Favourite Restaurant in Dubai?

It’s difficult to choose since there are many fabulous restaurants in Dubai but one that particularly stands out for me is ZHENG HE and since I love sushi NOBU is also another.

Favourite Celebrity?

Huda Kattan