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South Africa’s Carte Blanche Is In Hot Water After Leaked Content Shows Inconsistency

South Africa’s Carte Blanche Is In Hot Water After Leaked Content Shows Inconsistency

Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa Indicates Unethical Reporting In Carte Blanche Saga

Popular investigative show Carte Blanche has been requested to answer questions by journalists who want to know the truth behind the leaked content which didn’t appear on the show. On the 2nd of August 2020 , Carte Blanche covered the Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa segment where they shared stories of disgruntled franchise owners.

However recent leaked footage over social media of conversations between the Founder and President Mel Viljoen and investigative journalist Catherine Barry, where Barry is heard saying that the brand is well liked after the founder asked Carte Blanche what has the feedback been like. “I’ve noticed that everyone raves about the brand and raves about the product. It’s luxury.” Says Barry

She went further to say “Mostly they are happy, all of them are happy, I mean some of them have their reservations because they say it’s too soon but all of them are happy.” Says Barry

This is in contrast to what was shared on the show back in 2020 where they showcased Tammy Taylor franchise owners as being very upset and angry at the brand.

A further video was found on social media where a call was recorded between Founder and President of Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa Mel Viljoen and Carte Blanche’s Catherine Barry, where Mel Viljoen questions Catherine Barry about a message that was shared to some of the franchise owners where Mel alleges that they are scouting for unhappy franchise owners without chatting to the hundreds of happy franchise owners.

Tammy Taylor feels like there is a clear bias by the investigative media platform because of the use of old news again.

“It is really disappointing when people have their own agenda’s to try and harm a brand that is one of the shining lights of this country, we have worked so hard and now to see biased reporting like this, it’s sad. My franchisees are calling me all the time saying that these people appear at their door and they don’t want to speak to them, they are happy and they love the brand.”

Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa President Mel Viljoen


The brand has recently taken Carte Blanche’s Catherine Barry to court where they were granted a protection order by the court for harassment limiting the media house from interviewing anyone from Tammy Taylor Nails and to stop the company from pretending to act on behalf of the franchisees.


Tammy Taylor has asked Carte Blanche to fire Barry due to alleged bias reporting and also plans to sue the journalist after the journalist via a recording accused Mel of paying the police to intimidate her after the police served the order to the accused.

Carte Blanche’s Catherine Barry