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Five Men Steal Dh192,000 Worth Of Clothes And Cigarettes

Five Men Steal Dh192,000 Worth Of Clothes And Cigarettes

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Five Asians were sentenced to spend six months in prison after they were caught stealing cigarettes and ready-made clothes from a warehouse in Ras Al Khaimah. The court fined them and ordered them to be deported once they finish their sentence.

In August, a Gulf origin investor reported that some of his products had been stolen. According to the investor, he noticed that the lock on the warehouse’s door had been broken.

After reviewing the surveillance footage, the investor discovered that the men were caught on camera breaking the warehouse’s lock and stealing the boxes.

According to a police officer, the suspects were identified after the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) used surveillance footage to identify the bus driver who stole the boxes.

The driver, who was one of the suspects, admitted that he was an accomplice and provided the police with the names of the others involved.