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Get the Scoop on the Dubai International Motor Show!

Intersec 2024 Kicks Off in Dubai with a Strong Presence

The Dubai International Motor Show is a top-tier event in the automotive realm, showcasing cutting-edge technologies and industry trends. This global extravaganza, held regularly in Dubai, is a powerhouse, making waves on the international stage and leaving a lasting impact on the automotive scene. Let’s dive into what makes this show a must-attend for both car enthusiasts and industry insiders.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill yearly event—it’s a rare gem that graces us every so often. This year, the Dubai International Motor Show is set to rev up the excitement from November 9th to 13th, 2023, at the iconic Dubai World Trade Center.

The Dubai International Motor Show has come a long way since its inception in 1999. Initially aimed at showcasing the latest car breakthroughs, it has grown not only in size but also in influence. It has become a magnet for exhibitors, industry leaders, and car aficionados from around the world, shaping the automotive landscape in the Middle East and beyond. Dubai has transformed into a hub for automotive trade and innovation, thanks to the significant impact of this motor show.

Beyond the glitz of flashy cars, the event is a driving force that has evolved with the changing tides of the business, ensuring it remains at the forefront of automotive excellence. Today, the Dubai International Motor Show stands tall as a premier automotive display, etching its mark on industry history and captivating audiences worldwide.

What to Expect:

Cutting-Edge Exhibits: Delve into the latest in automobile design, technology, and innovation, showcasing advancements from across the globe.

Global and Local Presence: Leading automakers worldwide, alongside local and regional brands, gather to showcase their innovations and ideas.

Platform for Unveilings: The exhibition serves as a launchpad for new models, concept vehicles, and prototypes, offering businesses a prime opportunity to make impactful debuts.

Diverse Vehicle Experience: From motorcycles to SUVs, electric cars, sports cars, and luxury vehicles, there’s something for every automotive taste.

Interactive Engagement: Attendees can directly engage with showcased automobiles through interactive displays, test drives, or informative presentations.

Business Networking: Beyond the vehicles, the Dubai International Motor Show is a hub for business interactions, alliances, and collaborations within the automotive sector.

Diverse Audience Appeal: The event attracts a wide spectrum of individuals, from auto enthusiasts and collectors to business professionals and the general public.

Economic Impact: By solidifying Dubai’s status as a regional automobile hub, the event plays a key role in advancing the city’s economic development.

This Year’s Highlights:

The Dubai International Motor Show stands among the top 10 global professional auto events, spanning 85,000 square meters and hosting 1,490 exhibitors from various countries. With a whopping 105,268 exhibitors participating, it draws in a diverse crowd of professionals, enthusiasts, royalty, government officials, and even celebrities. Notably, independent vehicle manufacturers from China are set to showcase their innovations.

How to Get There:

For those flying in, the Dubai International Airport is a mere 14.9 km away. If you prefer the bus, Dubai is well-connected to neighboring emirates through the Emirates Express. Driving is another option, and here’s a bonus—you can cross borders hassle-free without visas or extra taxes.


Ajman: 31 km
Ras-Al-Khaimah: 97 km
Sharjah: A short Z1 km drive
Al Ain: 121 km