Kcal drawing on more than 10 years’ experience to help keep Dubai in shape

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Partner Content: Nutrition is 80 per cent of the equation when it comes to physical wellbeing

By Time Out EditorsNovember 7, 2021
Exercise is essential, but it’s only 20 per cent of the equation when it comes to getting into optimum shape. The other 80 percent is, you guessed it, nutrition, which is key to ensuring you’re at the peak of physical health and wellbeing.

That puts a hefty weight on nutrition and meal prep, which is why Kcal is giving away a delicious, healthy meal plan every day during the Dubai 30×30 fitness challenge.

Kcal is partnering with Dubai 92 for the Taste x30 initiative, which will see them give away a 30-day meal plan to one lucky fitness enthusiast every day.

The giveaway begins Sunday, November 7, and has been crafted on the back of Kcal’s decade-long commitment to helping people in Dubai lead the healthiest lives possible.

With Kcal, making the right choice is as easy as glancing at the label. Whether you visit a restaurant or sign up for a meal plan, eating right allows you to live your best life as you focus on the important things without worrying about your nutrition.

Mark Carroll, the co-founder of Kcal, said: “Given how fast-paced and busy our lives are, it can be difficult to keep track of everyday nutrition and what we’re putting into our bodies. At Kcal, we firmly believe in the power of good nutrition and its impact on overall lifestyle. Throughout the course of the Dubai Fitness Challenge, we’re giving back to the community with our Taste x30 campaign that emphasizes the importance of individual health and collective wellness.”

Kcal effectively crushes the myth that healthy food has to look boring or compromise on taste. It is well known that we eat with our eyes first; taste buds experience nourishment after we’ve seen our food. That’s why, each Kcal dish is cooked with the highest quality ingredients and is served with sensory appeal in mind.

Andreas Borgmann, the co-founder of Kcal, adds: “We at Kcal believe that nutrition should be convenient. It should be as easy as reading the label to understand the value of what you’re about to eat, which is why our packaging clearly displays macro content and calorie counts on every single dish. That way, you never have to guess or take chances with your health and can be committed to it without the fuss.”

Feeling inspired? Visit instagram.com/thekcallife to learn more about your chance to win a 30-day meal plan.