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Maria Tash is opening a second store in Dubai

Maria Tash is opening a second store in Dubai

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With the curated ear gaining worldwide popularity, Maria Tash continues to expand its global reach with its latest 2,000 square feet store ready to open in Mall of the Emirates.

With the first store opening at The Dubai Mall in November 2018, the jewellery brand has gained tremendous popularity in the Middle East,

as Maria Tash herself has designed the ears of some of the world’s leading personalities as they adorn themselves with bespoke designs from the brand.

Discussing the expansion of her empire in the Middle East, Maria Tash admits that her customers in Dubai “consistently inspire” her through their “interesting piercing curations” and unique taste.

“Our new store in Mall of the Emirates will represent the scope, mood, and style of future Maria Tash stores globally and will help us to serve even more clients,” she continued. “We look forward to welcoming local clientele and tourists alike.”

The store will feature a grand 11-metre tall shopfront while being home to four piercing rooms, a private women’s only lounge.

It’s set to open in spring 2021 and the interiors will feature an inviting modern aesthetic while balancing soft elements such as leather and custom glass to create a unified pleasing harmony for guests when they visit and carefully examine the collections with thoughtfully selected lighting in the store.