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A Man Assaulted Another Due To A Dispute Over A Parking Space

A Man Assaulted Another Due To A Dispute Over A Parking Space

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Due to a parking dispute, a man got into an argument with another individual, causing him to suffer a permanent disability. The incident happened in May last year in Dubai. The driver of the other vehicle said that he was assaulted after a disagreement over the parking space in front of a mosque.

According to the victim, he was attacked by a man in the parking space. After getting separated from the other people, the suspect hit him on the head with a stick. The victim fell unconscious and was taken to the hospital. He then reported the incident to the police after he had completed his treatment.

According to the forensic doctor’s report, the victim suffered multiple injuries, such as the head, jaw, and arms. He also had a mark at the end of his mouth that prevented him from chewing properly.

The incident is considered to have a permanent disability, which is estimated at around 10 percent. After the police investigation, the suspect was charged and sentenced by the Dubai Criminal Court. He was ordered to spend three months in jail and deported after completing his sentence.