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Businessman Of The Week Q&A – Duduzane Zuma

Businessman Of The Week Q&A – Duduzane Zuma

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Who is Duduzane Zuma ?

Duduzane Zuma is a forty-year-old child of Africa, a business maverick, a social and geo political disruptor, a family man and a fanatic of life.

What are some of your plans to improve South Africa?

Patriotism , which in my opinion is to be South African and put South Africa first.

Employment via re-industrializing South Africa by getting closed mines, factories (textile, manufacturing, automotive, smelters etc) reopened.

Technology and integration: South Africa should and will be a global leader, developer and adopter of the latest, greatest, cutting edge technologies implemented first such as Virtual Reality in our combatting of crime; Augmented Reality in aiding government become a whole lot more efficient and digital currency- opening of digital wallets and trading of crypto currencies for the majority of the traditionally unbanked society that do not have the desired credit profile. Blockchain tech- smart contracts but more especially the track and trace element in the combatting of corruption.

A massive infrastructure rollout with the inclusion of international roll players and partners with a full EPC turnkey solutions backed by government.


Government Kitchen’s boosted by private partnerships that are decentralized, with the aim of feeding the poorest of the poor making sure that people do not go hungry.

Enterprise Development and education

Sustainable business models that include the marginalized business person of whatever race but focused on the majority black child that will help swell up the population’s middle class. The deliberate and mutually beneficial partnership between public and private sector are crucial. This is a sure way of getting our society to understand wealth, what having something to lose means (by practical and educational means) which in turn will drive down criminality when infrastructure that exists belongs to the masses. One will not destroy what they own. South Africans need to wake up and physically go to work in helping rebuild our nation and shake off the feeling of entitlement.

What advice do you have for the youth?

Change comes to those who walk towards it, change is not bestowed upon you. Let us be that change by walking in the same direction and working towards that life that we all want to live. Critical mass and a common goal backed by one vision we all buy into, and initiated by one leader, is a tried and tested formula that we all need to rally behind.

How does leadership in South Africa compare to that of the UAE?

Leadership in South Africa is not embracing the new wave and new age norms and is stuck in their ways. Not embracing cutting edge technology in assisting governance and speed of delivery, not being able to nurture young potential leaders, not realizing that being led by a younger generation is not an admission of failure or capability Finally, red tape is the single biggest systematic hinderance to the rate of delivery which no one is addressing. The turnaround time of decision making is detrimental to the progress of our society.

In the United Arab Emirates, the exact opposite happens. Decisions are taken quickly, integrated systems assist in quick turnarounds in delivery and in prevention of crime. Deliberate nurturing of young up and coming talents are not only achieved but celebrated. Once a decision is taken, all people and all systems support it and more importantly they embrace it as their own.

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

In 2028 we will have our energy crisis far behind us and overseeing an inclusive growing- mining, agricultural, technological, pharmaceutical and security economy underpinned by a free secondary and tertiary education system and a jobs market absorbing graduates by opportunities created.

Who inspires you?

I am inspired not by an individual but by a spirit of young go getters that exist in a time where anything is possible. These people span the sporting, entertainment, business, political, academic, spiritual and parenting space. There are too many to mention. I am deeply inspired.

Describe your ideal South Africa?

My ideal South Africa is one that is built by South African from all walks of life that put their racial, traditional, religious, social, economic differences aside . We can only build this country by working together and attracting people that may have lost hope and that have emigrated back to being a part of our reconstruction. A country of peace, prosperity, safety and security not for some but for our entire population. This is what I am building towards.

How important is mentorship for the youth?

Mentorship for our youth is a missing component in our society that no one has been brave to address, instead the youths negative mindset, disappointment and the energy that comes with it is being exploited in a destructive manner and I am here to shift that energy to get us to a constructive mindset. The young population need to be made to understand that constructing and developing of anything takes a long time but destroying it happens quickly. It’s important for us to grow. Let’s be the ones that build.

Who would be in your cabinet if you had to become the President?

When I become President, the cabinet will be populated by young, willing and able, capable leaders in a phase in our democracy of creating a meritocracy. The best of breed minds and experience from all walks of life but not undermining and ignoring skills within our black majority.

What are some of the quotes that you live by?

Two quotes that stand out for me and that I live by…

You don’t need permission to do the right thing.

Less talk, more action.

Share a feel good moment in your life?

The feeling of becoming a parent, an underrated but important event that some people do not experience. It is a blessing of epic proportions.

Favourite UAE restaurant?

Favourite UAE restaurant is a new restaurant that I eat at every time that I decide to eat out.

Favourite thing to do in the UAE?

Favourite thing to do is in the UAE is to play backgammon in one of the many shisha lounges, even though I do not smoke.