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Flying Taxis To Launch In Dubai By 2026

Flying Taxis To Launch In Dubai By 2026

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In just three years, flying taxis could be operating in Dubai, the ruler of the Emirate announced on Twitter. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum said the plans are already in the works.

This announcement is not the first time Dubai has talked about the launch of flying taxis. Numerous pledges and promises about the project were made in 2017.

The details of the project were provided by Sheikh Mohammed, who is also the prime minister and vice president of the UAE.

He stated that the design of the flying taxis’ stations had been approved by the World Government Summit held in Dubai. The event brings together global leaders to discuss innovative solutions and technologies.

The ruler’s announcement was also accompanied by a short video, which explained how the Dubai government could work with other companies such as Skyports, an infrastructure company based in the UK, and Joby Aviation, a California-based startup.

Although it’s believed that Dubai’s first flying taxis will be piloted by a pilot, it’s not clear if they will be autonomous. Joby’s prototype, which took off and landed vertically at a certain location, was also shown.

It’s also not clear if the contracts have already been signed. However, Joby noted that it was honored to be associated with the project and discussed the possibilities of aerial ridesharing in Dubai.