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Global Hub One Media Dubai Is Launched

Global Hub One Media Dubai Is Launched

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The first phase of services offered by the company includes commercial and media licensing, visa and immigration, banking, real estate, and hospitality.
One Media Dubai is a media and creative services hub that aims to transform the Emirate of Dubai into a global center for innovation and creativity. It offers a wide range of services such as commercial and media licensing, immigration, banking, education consulting, and residential real estate.

The Dubai Media Council has launched One Media Dubai, an initiative that aims to provide media professionals with a one-stop shop for all their needs. It supports the objectives of the Dubai Press Club to accelerate the development of the media sector and provide an ecosystem that enables them to thrive. The company’s first phase includes various services such as media and commercial licensing, visa and immigration, office leasing, banking, real estate, education consulting, and telecom.

The Chairman of the Dubai Media Council and LNOne Media Dubai’s founder, Sheikh Ahmed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, announced the launch of One Media Dubai, a free initiative for media professionals and organizations from across the region. He said that the initiative will further enhance the supportive environment for media professionals in the country.

The Chairman of LNOne Media Dubai, Sheikh Ahmed, thanked the Dubai Press Club for its role in developing the country’s media industry over the past two decades.

Some of the key partners of One Media Dubai include the Dubai Media City, the Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship of Dubai, the Department of Economy and Tourism, the Dubai Design District, Emirates NBD, and Etisalat. Dr. Maitha Binhumaid, the Director of the Dubai Media Council, said that the initiative aims to provide a unified platform for media professionals to obtain the necessary services that support their professional development. She added that the launch of the company supports the Media Council’s objectives to accelerate the development of the industry and provide an ecosystem that enables it to thrive.

The launch of One Media Dubai is in line with the government’s efforts to attract global talent and establish a culture of creativity in the country. Over the years, the number of media organizations and individuals working in the country has increased.