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President Musharraf Hospitalised In Dubai

President Musharraf Hospitalised In Dubai

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Pervez Musharraf, the former president of Pakistan, was admitted to a hospital in Dubai after his health condition deteriorated. He ruled the country from 2001 to 2008. Due to his deteriorating health condition, speculations about his death started to spread on social media. However, his family has refuted these reports and stated that he is not on a ventilator.

In a statement, his family said that the former president has been in the hospital for the last three weeks due to a complication of his illness. He is currently in a difficult stage and is asking for prayers for his recovery. Amyloidosis is a rare disease that can affect the functioning of the organs. Although he is sick, Musharraf is still alert and is expected to make a full recovery. According to his family, the former president’s organs are failing due to the buildup of an abnormal protein called amyloid.

“Please don’t listen to fake news. Just pray for his good health,” he said.