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Simply the best nights out in Old Dubai

By Time Out EditorsNovember 11, 2021
It’s official. Winter is here.

Some (me) might say it’s the chilly first thing. Suddenly, we’re flinging sweaters over our shoulders and contemplating life without A/C.

The best bit – it’s dark by 6 pm. Which means we’re out in the city earlier, chasing the sunset. We’re dragging dusty tents out of storage, blindly following that saved pin to our fave camping spot (anything for a toasted marshmallow).

We’re watching epic shows at Expo, jumping on the Dubai 30×30 bandwagon and, to celebrate our heroic fitness efforts, heading straight to one of the city’s best beach bars.

Dubai has fought back this year and now, with the weather on its side, we’re about to see just how extraordinarily, amazingly well it has done.

Oh, and seeing as it’s winter, we can also get excited about Christmas. That’s official too.

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It’s packed with awesome things to do over the next fortnight, and most importantly takes a look at the best Christmas Day brunches you will want to have on your radar next month.

Feeling fancy? We eat our way through the best caviar dishes in the land, plus there is special mention of the brand-new dishes at Time Out Market Dubai as well as the outdoor markets they are loading up their stalls now the weather has cooled.

Plus we’ve got all your latest restaurant and bar reviews to help you make your next meal or night out an absolute winner.