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Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa Indicates Unethical Reporting In Carte Blanche Saga

Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa Indicates Unethical Reporting In Carte Blanche Saga

Mel Viljoen Secures Victory in Appeal Against Catherine Innes Barry of Carte Blanche

The CEO of Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa Peet Viljoen took to social media to share a video of him highlighting the links between members of the Carte Blanche team and people who were previously employed by Tammy Taylor South Africa.


Viljoen shared the family ties of Eugene Botha who is a producer for Carte Blanche and Anja Botha who is his daughter. Anja Botha has a strong friendship with Monica Rodrigues (Jansen Van Vuuren) who runs a vaginal rejuvenation business and who was a previous general manager for Tammy Taylor South Africa.

Sandra Rodrigues, Monica Rodrigues (Jansen Van Vuuren) and Anja Botha

Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa has alleged that Carte Blanche has been reporting on this story in an unethical manner and with a certain bias. This comes after Carte Blanche aired a 16 minute segment on their show recently about the Tammy Taylor South Africa brand. A third story done on the brand in the last 2 years.

Behind the scenes content was found on social media where the reporter for the popular current affairs show indicated that people are mostly happy with the company and the brand yet shared a different narrative when the episode aired.


Media experts are now questioning the creditability of the current affairs show since Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa has been covered on three separate shows in a period of two years. Many of these experts are calling on the Media Ombudsman to investigate the alleged unethical reporting.

Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa is not the first company to allege unethical reporting against Carte Blanche, a few years back Gold Reef City theme park won a defamation case against current affairs show Carte Blanche.

Gold Reef City was claiming R47 million in damages. R43.1 million was in lost revenue for the theme park because of the bad reporting by Carte Blanche. The court ruled in favor of Gold Reef City.

We have requested for comments from the Botha family but nothing has been received from them to date.