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Sheikh Hamdan Approves Dh44m For Dubai’s Emirati People Of Determination

Sheikh Hamdan Approves Dh44m For Dubai’s Emirati People Of Determination

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Under the directives of His Royal Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, the Crown Prince of Dubai, a new social benefits package was approved for residents of the UAE who are determined to achieve a high quality of life. The package, which is worth over $11.2 million, will help fund the development of the country’s future.

According to Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Minister of Finance, the government will provide financial and other support services to people with mental and physical impairments. These individuals will be able to receive these benefits through various programs and activities. Some of the social benefits that the government will cover include the cost of running schools, kindergartens, university programs, and rehabilitation centres.

The new benefits cover various types of disabilities, such as those caused by multiple types of accidents and the use of special equipment. They will also help people with mobility issues get around easily. A new committee was established under the leadership of Sheikh Mohammed to implement these new measures.

The Higher Committee for the Protection of the Rights of People with Disabilities was established to oversee the various activities and programs related to the rights of individuals with disabilities in Dubai. It also proposes legislation that aims to protect their rights and integrate them into society.