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South African Zim, ‘Time and Chance’ Gets Roaring Reviews At Dubai Expo

South African Zim, ‘Time and Chance’ Gets Roaring Reviews At Dubai Expo

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South African businessman and former Telkom and Anglo CEO Lazarus Zim was the name on everyone’s lips at the Dubai expo this week after his debut book Time and Chance – daring to dream received raving reviews at the arts exhibition at the expo.

The 6-month long expo, which is now the biggest expo in the world, showcases the arts and technology, architecture and design and the science, technology and innovation of each exhibiting country.

With an expected total attendance of 2 000 000 people, the expo has become a tourism jewel in Dubai.

With some of the top books of the year on display, CEO and now writer Lazarus Zim received sterling credits for his book on the top echelons of business, politics and defying all odds to get to the top.

Organiser and book critic Yunis Salim Ahmed said Zim’s book was “deeply informative”.

“The book is a school on how South Africa works, without saying people I won’t mention.”

He mentions them, by name. That’s the kind of book people want to read.

The audience at this seasons expo is very vast. People feel liberated after miserable pandemic closures. The world has sci-fi (science fiction) it’s good to get a good dose of reality” Ahmed.