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The Dhs18 Million Dubai Moon Resort

The Dhs18 Million Dubai Moon Resort

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It was recently announced that the UAE could be home to a massive space tourism project known as the Moon Resort, and there has been a lot of speculation about its location. Initial images of the project showed it at the Dubai Pearl, but images of it were then released in the place of the iconic Dubai Tower.

Before the project was said to be in Abu Dhabi, the developers of the project claimed that it could be built in the city. Now, the co-founders of the project have stated that they are considering the Dubai Pearl as a possible location.

According to Michael Henderson, the project’s co-founder, the Dubai Pearl is a perfect location for the Moon Dubai. He noted that it would be an ideal site for the project, and it would make it the Middle East’s biggest space tourism destination. If built, the Moon Resort would be able to attract a huge number of tourists.

The Moon Dubai will feature a massive moon-shaped building that will house various facilities and services. These include a spa, a night club, and luxury residences. It will also have training programs for astronauts and space agencies from other countries.

The Moon resort is expected to attract around 2.5 million tourists to experience space tourism. It’s claimed that this type of experience will be offered from the ground in Dubai.

According to the project’s organizers, the building will be around 224 meters tall. It’s expected that the facility will be completed in 48 months. Sandra Matthews and Michael Henderson have also stated that they have received a lot of interest from investors from other countries in the region.