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The Federal Youth Foundation Is Building Brilliant Entrepreneurs

The Federal Youth Foundation Is Building Brilliant Entrepreneurs

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Entrepreneurship projects for Emirati youth have become a goal and ambition sought by many, to reach broader horizons of excellence, allowing them to realize their dreams of being successful investors, taking advantage of the many facilities provided by state institutions to them.

While many challenges pose insomnia to some of them, especially that starting with the first steps always carries a lot of anxiety, fear and facing failure. Therefore, it was important for the Federal Youth Foundation to adopt a goal and a vision to help the pioneers and to be an incubating environment and a lever for success.

The Federal Youth Foundation is working to gather the most important young Emirati entrepreneurs, whose projects have been unparalleled, to pass on their experiences, challenges and lessons learned to the beginners among them, in order to stand on solid ground and serve as an inspiring compass for them to launch and make the right decision, and then realize their selves and dreams, that To be owners and entrepreneurs of large projects that benefit themselves and their country, the UAE.