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Winter Delights in Dubai: 5 Outdoor Experiences to Cherish

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Dubai, UAE: As the winter season approaches, residents of the United Arab Emirates can anticipate an array of outdoor adventures in Dubai. Whether you seek thrilling escapades with friends or a relaxing weekend with family, here are the top five attractions in Dubai that beckon you to explore.

Hatta Hiking Trails
Nestled amidst the Hajar mountains, the city of Hatta boasts a myriad of peaks and wadis to be explored through its hiking trails. With a total length of 32.6 kilometers, these trails offer five routes with varying difficulty levels, catering to everyone from novice hikers to seasoned trail runners. Color-coded for easy navigation, these trails include:

Green Trails: Ideal for beginners and novice walkers.
Blue Trails: Suited for intermediate-level walkers and runners.
Red Trails: Challenging paths for proficient hikers (hiking poles recommended).
Black Trails: Intended for expert hikers accustomed to demanding routes (hiking poles strongly advised).

Before embarking on your hiking adventure, remember these five essential rules:

Inform a friend or family member about your hiking plans.

Carry a trail map.

Ensure you have the right equipment.

Keep your mobile phone fully charged.

Match the color-coded Hatta Trails system to your physical ability.

Mushrif Hiking Trail

Dubai Municipality has unveiled a 9.7-kilometer hiking trail in Mushrif National Park, featuring multiple tracks suitable for both beginners and professionals. The trail, opened to the public on June 20, 2023, offers amenities such as public restrooms, safety instructions, and warning signage boards. As you explore, you’ll encounter sculptures, wooden stairways, bridges, slopes, and rest areas, providing a comprehensive view of Mushrif Park’s landscape and wildlife.

Eight safety guidelines to observe:

Ensure you have enough drinking water, proper clothing, footwear, and safety tools.

Children aged 12 to 15 may use the tracks when accompanied by an adult.

Adhere to trail etiquettes and instructions.

Keep the mountain bike trail safe for cyclists.

Walk in the direction of the trail.

Stick to the designated track.

Choose the right track level according to your fitness and endurance.

Avoid cooking, smoking, camping, or staying overnight in the forest after hiking.

Mamzar Beach Chalets

For a tranquil retreat with friends and family, enjoy beachfront views, and set up a barbecue in your own private space by renting a chalet for the day at Al Mamzar Beach Park for just Dh150. The chalets, equipped with air-conditioning, sofas, folding chairs, a TV, a small kitchen, and a washroom, are set amidst a serene backdrop.

Location: Al Mamzar beach park, near Flamingo Beach, accessible by car with free parking for visitors.

Timings: Chalets can be rented according to the following schedule:

Sunday to Wednesday: 9am to 9pm.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and public holidays: 9am to 10pm.
Cost: Chalet prices depend on size:

Small chalet for up to six people: Dh150 plus 5% Value Added Tax (VAT).
Large chalet for eight to 12 people: Dh200 plus 5% VAT.
Additional knowledge and innovation fee: Dh20.
Entry Fee for Al Mamzar Beach Park:

Dh30 per car (nol card payment).
Dh5 per individual (cash or nol card payment).
Free for People of Determination and children under two.
Global Village
During Dubai’s cooler months, Global Village is a highly popular attraction. This family-friendly destination offers a unique shopping experience with traditional items from around the world. Additionally, you can relish global cuisines and a vibrant ‘carnaval’ featuring over 170 rides, games, and attractions.

Dubai Miracle Garden
For a more serene experience with family or friends, consider strolling through the Dubai Miracle Garden, home to over 150 million flowers. This natural flower garden, the world’s largest, opened for the winter season on September 29, 2023. New installations include ‘Floral Tunnels,’ water-themed attractions, 3D water, and lighting installations, along with a larger Water Wheel.

Ticket prices for adults are Dh95, with a discounted rate for UAE residents upon presenting their Emirates ID at the ticket counter, reducing the cost to Dh65. Don’t miss the adjacent Butterfly Garden, where you can walk through specially built domes surrounded by fluttering butterflies.