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Dubai Is The 7th Most Safest For Families

Dubai Is The 7th Most Safest For Families

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The city of Dubai has been named as one of the safest places to vacation for families in the world. The Family Vacation Guide, a publication by the American travel company, looked into various factors such as safety and accommodation to come up with its list.

The city of Dubai was rated 6.76 out of 10 for family safety. It has over 23 percent of family-friendly hotels, over 18 percent of child-friendly restaurants, and over 30 percent of attractions and activities that are designed for children. The US city of Orlando was named as the best family-friendly destination in the world with a total of 58.93 percent of hotels. Other countries that were included in the list include Las Vegas, NV, with 28.73 percent, and Rome, Italy with 28.34 percent.

The best places to eat out for families are in Florence, Italy, with 48.36 percent of its restaurants having a family-friendly environment, followed by Venice, Italy, with 44.94 percent. Rome, Italy, on the other hand, has 40.7 percent of its restaurants having a similar type of environment. Other popular vacation destinations for families include Thailand’s Pattaya, with 35.5 percent of its activities having a family-friendly atmosphere, and Greece’s Heraklion, with 34.01 percent. In April this year, Dubai was also named as the world’s best family holiday destination.

The data collected by the company included the quality of the accommodations, attractions, and beaches for families, as well as the general safety and comfort of the people in the destination. Dubai was rated at a rate of 7.42 out of 10, followed by Turks & Caicos, Barbados, and Corfu, Greece.